Saturday, April 10, 2010

Battle Royale Hulu Selangor : 25 Apr 2010

25 Apr 2010 : The 10th by election date for Hulu Selangor – this is a do or die battle between BN and Pakatan. This event arose due to the death of the PKR elected MP Zainal Ahmad.

Someone had remarked that our State Assembly man and Member of Parliament must have tremendous pressure , so much so we are seeing a spate of deaths all linked to health issues. Coincidentally their ages are in the sixties – I would like to pose this question : Are any medical checks being done on all aspiring candidates to “serve” their state or country. This is a necessary requirement if you are seeking employment regardless of your age. Each by-election costs the government lots of $$$ ( and is all coming out from us - the taxpayers ). The opportunity costs and money spent could be better used for other purposes to serve the “rakyat” better.

This is the time the “heavenly Gods” of both sides will descent to rural Hulu Selangor reminding all that they exist and they still and always care for them. As usual “goodies” packages and promises of development will be offered. The usual round of brickbats and criticisms between the two parties will be expected – this is part of the free entertainment to the folks. Despite a very tight budget, somehow our government had the money now to spend on new projects for the folks. Despair not – all is well and it will be better in the days ahead.

The common folks welcome the by-election with great relish. A close fight is expected – the last election saw only a majority of 180 votes. Even before the gloves are put on, the infighting between UMNO and MIC to have their candidate nominated were openly declared in the local media. Our PM was wise to decide that the seat following tradition be given to MIC. But this issue till today is pending as MIC Palanivel still has not received the PM’s approval to contest. Infact last 2 days he has openly plead ( “beg” perhaps ) for the PM’s approval. MIC Samy Vellu had resigned to the fact he can no longer exert pressure on Najib to accept his recommendation. Rumours abound that not fewer than 5 younger candidates could be considered by Najib. It’’s a waiting game and our dear Palanivel must be sleepless every night. Similarly on the opposition side, their candidate is not named yet.

Local folks will soon enjoy the economic benefits of the by election. All available rooms in whatever hotels, inn, resthouse etc are already fully book. Traders and hawkers are stocking up and preparing for the coming business boom .

There are 64,500 registered voters with 52.7 percent Malays, 26.3 percent Chinese and 19 percent Indians and other races at 1.7 percent. Dr Chua Soi Lek the newly appointed MCA president is not taking this by election lightly. He had initiated aggressive steps to swing the Chinese votes. A win by BN in this by election will be a morale booster for the new president. DPM Muhyiddin had declared the battle will be led by a united front of all the component parties of BN.

At the end of the day, whoever win must never forget that it is the people’s choice. Routine will soon set in and life still goes on and the folks at Hulu Selangor will be dreaming and hoping that the victor deliver what is being promised.

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