Saturday, April 10, 2010

htc DESIRE versus Google Nexus ONE : Which should I buy ??

This is a commonly asked question on many forums. I list below my personal observations. I owe a Nexus One and has not any hands on experience with the htc Desire yet. My comparison is based on the several reviews/comments abound on the web

The HTC Desire internally bears a strong resemblance to the Nexus One. The differences are:

A different body shell
An optical trackpad in place of the trackball
A row of tactile rather than touch-sensitive buttons
FM radio included
No second microphone for noise cancellation
576 MB DRAM in place of 512 MB DRAM
Dualband 900/2100 instead of Tri band HSDPA/WCDMA
HTC Sense user interface
Bundled with Adobe Flash 10.1
Support and updates through HTC rather than Google
Sold through carriers and not the Google store

Personally I feel that this htc Desire is a better buy vs Nexus , mainly :

1. Local SIS warranty if released in Msia

2. htc Sense is very much better interface vs Nexus default ; I find the Nexus default builtin programs are very poor with many features lacking. So I decided to root it and I replace quite a number of the default programs with 3rd party solutions

3. The hard key buttons I believe will be much better than the Nexus soft keys ( many users already complaining about it ). On the nexus the screen along the sides are very touch sensitive an=d you have to learn how to hiold your unit properly so that any contacts with the bottom keys are not affected

4. Higher ram 576 MB vs 512MB : might not be a crucial issue but more ram is always better, right?

5. Flash builtin though Nexus support will come soon

6. FM radio included

7. Based on web feedback - bluetooth is working well unlike Nexus ( lousy bluetooth features )

The cons of the htc Desire I can see is need some time before it is hack and can be rooted to expand its possibilities. It also lacks the noise cancelling features of the Nexus One

Price I figure should be around RM2300- RM2500 ; rumour said availability after May. As of 7 Apr, there are already sellers at forum lowyat, howver is AP set at RM2000

This link is a very good PROFESSIONAL review between the 2 gadgets:

Others :

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