Saturday, April 10, 2010

SONY VAIO VPCX117LG : Brief review

Specs :

11.1 inch VAIO X (Black)

Superior VAIO craftsmanship has created an extremely light, extremely thin mobile PC with long battery life. It boasts a 128 GB SSD that is fast and resistant to shocks.

• Intel® Atom™ Processor Z550 (2 GHz, HT Technology supported)
• 11.1" wide (WXGA: 1366 x 768) ; VAIO Display Premium, Scratch resistant, LED backlight
• Extremely thin ( 11.3 mm ) and light ( 760 gm)
• Extremely long Battery life - 7 hours
• Integrated Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/Draft

Price: RM 5299 with 3 years extended warranty

Featuring a ultra slim and stylish body weighing only 760 grams, it is considered to be the lightest and thinnest laptop in the world.

The Intel processor though is only a Atom not the C2D type, performs admirably well. I find the overall performance ( browsing, office applications, downloading RSS and tweeter feeds ) good - on a scale of 10 ( assigned to Macbook Pro 2.53 GHz) , I'd rate it a 8. Unable to assess its gaming capabilities ( I don't play any games) but guys buying such a unit will not have games in mind

The pixel resolution of the Sony VAIO X1366 × 768 is good enough for playback of HD video at 720p and it comes with 11.1-inch screen light LED display. The graphical interface is clean because it offers mobile Intel GMA 500 integrated graphics. The handset has a VGA webcam for video chat, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VGA out Ethernet ports, 2 GB of RAM. But both have HDMI. The wireless LAN is incorporated 802.11b/g/Draftin them through connectivity, in shades of black. I was suprised that within its slimness , 2 USB ports were available.

Battery life claimed as 7 hours I supposed if you just purely used it for applications with light browsing. My best recorded was 6 hours , which I feel is good. The touchpad of the X series has the multi-touch enables users to zoom in and zoom out, scroll through the images, the rotation of objects and scroll horizontally andvertically without contact with the mouse - however this function is not very smooth - the Macbook beats it flat ; on a score of 10 to the Macbook , I rate a 5 to this Vaio.

If you don't mind the high price, this Vaio offers a good option as a very light and portable solution. How I wish Apple will similarly come out with a similar solution for their macBook series.

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