Saturday, April 10, 2010

NEXUS : apps2SD procedures

How can I have my apps installed to the SD card instead of internal memory ??

By default, all apps will be installed to internal memory. Google had yet to announce a official solution to this. If you are still using a unrooted phone, you are stuck with this inconvenience .

The best solution is to have your phone rooted and following options are available:
1. Installed a rom that allows APPS2SD function : I will not tell you which is the best as each user taste and needs are different. Read up all the roms available at :

2. You can download QUICK SYSTEM INFO from market to verify that apps are being install on the SD card : just check the Apps2SD storage capacity

3. Some details of the roms I have tested :
Cyanogen : Settings/Applications - tick to select Apps2SD

KingxKK: open up a terminal emulator and run the kingappstosd script

type su

Then switch off phone and reboot ( switch it on again)
You can download TERMINAL from Market.

Modaco roms : You need to download the baked version from the online kitchen - an option is available for you to select apps2sd enable. However you need to be a paid member to enjoy this option.

4. Using TERMINAL, You can check also to confirm whether apps2sd is enable or not :

#ls -l /data/app*

and you should see these 2 lines..


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