Sunday, April 11, 2010

PAPAGO M6 : Installation instructions

1. Download all the required files:

These files are provided by

TW Map files:

Papago M6 Program Files:

2. Extract Papago M6 Program files (password: You should get a folder named 'Navi'. Copy this folder into your SD card root directory (\sdcard\).

3. Extract TW Map files (password: Copy all the files in the extracted folder into \sdcard\Navi\Maps\TW

4. Visit from your Nexus One browser. Download 'M6 V2.0 100324' and then install it on your phone. (direct link:

5. After installation, run Papago M6. Put in your registration code if you have one or go for trial. You should now able to view Taiwan maps.

6. Download MFM Papago X3/X5 GPS Map from

7. Run the exe file and select "Papago X5 for Android". After you have gone through the wizard, you should have your map files extracted in C:\Navi\Maps.

8. Copy all the files (except MapAniPOI.psu, R51_prp.kuf and R51_SSC.hdr) in C:\Navi\Maps\MFM\ to \sdcard\Navi\Maps\TW\. Replace all of them when you are prompted that you have the same file exist.

9. Change the extension of MapAniPOI.psu in C:\Navi\Maps\MFM\ to MapAniPOI.psz and then copy it to \sdcard\Navi\Maps\TW\.

10. Finally, rename papago.dbp to PAPAGO.DBP and standard.mb6 to Standard.mb6 (in \sdcard\Navi\Maps\TW\).

NOTES: English as default - turn off the default built-in chinese keyboard. Go to setting and turn the last fourth option (智能型注音快拼) off.
Reduce space no use of TW maps : delete following files

1) Everything in Navi/TravelWalker/
2) Navi/Maps/TW/R51_SSC.fdt


  1. I am now using the Papago M6 on Nexus One and having problem with navigation voice, attached is the link to recording I've made.

    Note the *clap* sound during the pauses in between the voice prompt.

    Appreciate if you can advice on the above issue.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I'm using Papago it compatible for my GPS?

  3. Is this Papago with English user interface?