Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Browsing speed of iPHone 4 vs iPhone 3Gs

The following video by Obama Pacman compares the browsing speed of the iPhone 4 against the older iPhone 3Gs ( firmware 3.1.3 ) under the same 3G network.
- Both on 3G with WiFi turn off
- Links open in new browser window

Left : iPhone 4 , Right :  iPhone 3Gs ( on 3.1.3 )

Result: In almost all the tests, the iPhone 4 was much faster in Web browsing even though iPhone 4 is rendering 4 times the pixels on its high resolution Retina display.

Part of the speed increase is due to the faster Apple A4 processor , another factor is the new HSUPA support in iPhone 4. That means in supported areas, iPhone 4 will have up to 60% faster downloads and up to 500% faster uploads. This test result is likely to have reflected both these factors.
MacRumors, running benchmark tests, found the iPhone 4 processor to be 31% faster than the 3GS using Geekbench 2.1. The iPhone 4 came in with a 2.514 score across routine tests like memory allocation and view drawing, easily beating the 3GS at 2.298. Both were tested under iOS 4.

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