Wednesday, July 7, 2010

iPAD : Transfer files from Mac using Netatalk

Netatalk lets you transfer files between iPad and your Mac wirelessly

WiFi MUST be enabled on both Mac and iPAD
This procedure can ONLY works on Jailbreak iPADs. You can refer here for the steps for Jailbreaking.
1. Download the zip file from Nettalk and run it on your Mac.
2. On your iPAD, download Netatalk v 2.0.4-7 on Cydia. Install the program on the iPAD.
3. After install, Open Cydia -  Select Sections/Networking - click on Nettalk : Select the option " Connection How to MAC " . Just follow the 3 screeen instructions listed " FIND, CLICK Connect and LOGin.

4. Under Finder on your Mac, you will see the iPAD as a shared device. 
5. Click “ Connect As ” button to logon as another user. 
6. You’ll be prompt to enter name/password. Type “root” or “mobile” for name and “alpine” for password. Then click “Connect”.
Once connected , you will see " Connected as : root " if you use "root"
You can now  just drag and drop files onto the iPad. 

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