Monday, July 5, 2010

M'sian Bar Council President Ambiga Sreenevasan USA award not well publicised in Malaysia

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and first lady Michelle Obama present give away Secretary of State's Award for International Women of Courage to Malaysia 's Ambiga Sreenevasan (Malaysian Bar Council) at the State Department in Washington
12 Mar 2009 : Malaysia bar council president Ambiga Sreenevasan , an ethnic Indian, is one of the right women who recieved the prestigious "women of courage" award from Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in USA.
Sreenevasan has been at the forefront of the civil liberties movement in Malysia. Malaysian women's bodies have hailed Sreenevasan's award a recognition in the international arena for taking a firm stand on national issues such as judicial independence, gender equality and good governance.
Chew Mei Fun, then  MCA Wanita chief had said Sreenevasan was a "living proof" and her efforts " should not only be viewed from a gender's perspective as a woman, but as a Malaysian individual who champions justice and equality"

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The shame of it all that we should be so proud (and are) of our own Malaysian receiving an international award like this, but the Malaysian government and press don't see it as important enough to publish it in our local dailies! It was only published by The Star and THE SUN but rather small and hidden in the inner pages.


Never mind if they don't publish in the papers......lets circulate ........
This Picture Made It To the Pages of India Times but not in our own papers!

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