Saturday, July 3, 2010

Google NexusOne : Latest firmware and kernel installed

I have took off the htc Desire port from my Google NexusOne with the official release of Android ver 2.2 Froyo. While awiting the mods to develop the Desire port of Froyo, temporary I will use back the Google version ( modified ):

My latest firmware and kernel update on my Google NexusOne :

Kernel :
Ver 2.6.35 rc3 Froyo - OC-UV-XTRA-BTN-AUD-RAM-NEON_FP ( 1.13 GHz )

Rom ver 2.2 Froyo build FRF91customized and baked online of Paul's MoDaCO r21 :
Features :
Based on the FRF91 release
Rooted with Superuser 2.1 by ChainsDD
Built with the MCR build process which reduces the size and boosts the speed of the ROM
STOCK KERNEL ( later modified to above kernel )
Rooted boot image with 'adb remount' permission and superuser APK
busybox with Droid Explorer support
terminfo and settings in boot.img to allow nano etc. use
OpenVPN binary
HTC_IME to jonasl's v27 for 2.2, based on Desire leak
System dalvik-cache moved to /cache partition
Updated Google Maps
MCR version displayed in 'About' screen

A2SD via online kitchen
Wavesecure via the online kitchen

WiFi Status indicator
De-odexed for theming support!
Trackball Alert / Trackball Alert Pro support for coloured trackball notificatons!

Trackball Wake

Theme customized : extract from Samsung Galaxy S

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