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iPAD : JAILBREAKING - Why and How ?

IPAD - Jailbreaking it : the HOW and WHY

The last time I attempted to unlock-hack/ or "jailbreak - in Apple terminology"  was the Asus EeePC 700 sub-notebook. This notebook was launched in 2007 and was the first mini-notebook ( 900 MHz Intel celeron chip, 7 " screen, 512MB ram, only 4GB flash drive and less than 1 kg ) - then I was attracted to its slim form factor and pricing ( RM1200 ). I unlocked and attempted to install Apple MacOSX Tiger on it - in the process I nearly bricked it . The end result MacOSX was successfully loaded but I failed to get the WiFi and Audio enabled. So it was just an experiment to venture into the unknown.
Now with this price you can get a high specs netbook with at least a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB ram and 160GB harddisk.

The latest hype now in the netbookk market is Apple IPad. As of last week in just one month, Apple had sold 1 million units of the WiFi model. Apple had forecasted sales of  at least 300000 units of the 3G/WiFi model in its first week of release. Market analyst had projected sales of at least 8 million to 10 million units within a year, making it the greatest and biggest sales ever achieved by a new product. What is most interesting - the iPAD itself is not a full fledge mini-notebook or netbook ; it is a in-between a desktop and a notebook. Many had labelled it as a bigger version of the iPod Touch. Looking at its specs with so many deficiencies, one will NEVER buy it but since it carries the Apple brand and is Steve Jobs's pride and baby, the market I'd say  had reacted blindly and senselessly to it . Apple has now created a product which had never existed and telling everyone that this is a must have in this fast changing techno-internet driven world. In my earlier blog, I'd talk about the why and why nots of buying it.  : This is best web review I have come across about the iPAD. Do look it up if you want to know more about the pros and cons of the iPAD.

I'll buy this iPAD and JAILBREAK it to maximize its potential and in the course of so doing will void the warranty. Jailbreaking involves hacking the OS to give you access to the file system and to allow running of third party software . SPIRIT a new jailbreak software is now available and can be freely downloaded from

What's Spirit?
    •    Spirit is an untethered jailbreak for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch on the latest firmwares.
    •    Spirit is not a carrier unlock.
    •    If you currently are using a tethered jailbreak, you have to restore to use Spirit. Do not upgrade if you use an unlock on an iPhone 3G or 3GS. (You can, however, restore to 3.1.2 if you have SHSH blobs for that version.)
    •    Any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch on firmware 3.1.2, 3.1.3, or 3.2.
    •    An activated device: one not stuck on the Connect to iTunes or Emergency Call screen.
    •    Any version of iTunes 9 (including 9.1.1).
    •    Syncing with iTunes before trying this is highly recommended.

Advantages of Jailbreaking :

Most valuable is MULTI-TASKING! Backgrounder, an iPhone jailbreak favorite will now work on the iPad -  for example you can now browse at same time with background music/soundtrack of your choice.

Cydia is jailbreak HQ, the unofficial app store that gives you access to all of the goodies Apple doesn't allow. After you jailbreak, Cydia will show up as an app like any other, and from there you can download and install Backgrounder and the rest.

Jailbreaking will let you circumvent the App Store and install many popular apps and games for free.

MacStories has a continually updating post of which popular jailbreak apps work on the iPad and which don't, and there's a similar thread on iPadForums in which iPad jailbreak trailblazers are reporting their various successes and failures.

16 REASONS you need to JailBreak iPAD 

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