Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ACS class of 1973/1975 mini reunion at Bangsar Village 2

Standing left to right : Manjit, Sukdershan, Chi Wi, Edmund, Hong Yick, Mun Ngor, Nyat Keong, Kee Kuang
Seated : Tuck Seng, Sok Fun, Lay Ian, Wai Lan

15 Jun 2010 : 1900 to 2000 hrs at Delicious Restaurant , Bangsar Village 2

This was my second meetup with my ACS friends/classmates of year 1963/1975.

The ocassion was initiated by Nyat Keong with Ong Chi Wi's return visit to Malaysia from Taiwan. Chi Wi is presently Professor of Chemistry at the University of Sun YatSen , Taiwan. Chi Wi updated us that he was based in Taiwan the last 25 years but is still a Malaysian citizen and has no plans to be a PR in Taiwan. Bro - Good and loyal citizen ! He was very different from the quiet and studious chap that I could remember.

The night's event was especially great and memorable with the presence of 3 beautiful and elegant ladies from USC : Sook Fun, Lay Ian and Wai Lan. As I was not their direct classmates, my memory of them was poor but it was still great meeting them after 35 years. All three of them looks great and it was unbelievable that they were in their 50"s; I'd say they look more like in their early 40's.

As for the guys, this time I reconnected back with Chi Wi, Edmund, Sukdershan, and Manjit.

Unlike the first meetup ( report here ) , this one was more subdue possibly due to the environment and perhaps due to the presence of the 3 ladies ?? We guys were  really at our best behavior.

Some photos of the meetup:  thanks to Tuck Seng who took the shots.

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  1. Nice pics and write up, MN.
    Good, now we have another site to keep touch with the goings-on with old classmates (other than some news, politics and pda's of course.)
    This Bangsar place looks so cramped with hardly any space to move around. Well, Bangsar..what to expect. And those oversized louvres reminds me of the windows in the old terrace houses.
    I prefer the Rock Garden place anytime though not as classy. You guys behaved differently with the 3 ladies around eh? Hope to join one of your gatherings some day.