Sunday, June 6, 2010

A gathering of ACS old monkeys and goats at Rock Garden

Standing left to right : Foo Wah, Tuck Seng, King Loon, Meow Kwan, Fei Chew, Wan Hon, Victor Lau, Hong Yick, Nyat Keong, Fong Fatt
Seated left to right : Me, Kee Kuang, Kee Cheong
Not in photo : Wai Seng ( he left earlier )

5 Jun 2010 @ 8 pm till 12 midnight : A day I will remember - it was a gathering of old monkeys ( born in 1956 ) and old goats ( born in 1955 ) who had arranged to meet up for "makan" and "minum " at Restoran Rock Garden in Robson area.

I have lost contact with them since I left school in 1975 - it was indeed a night to remember. Drinks and food flow freely and I'm pretty sure we're the noisiest group that night. Thanks to those who brought in several bottles of fruit wines to stimulate the mood for the night. It was just like a reenactment of a group of kids " playing and fooling around " in the 70's.  We chat about practically everything under the moon - recapping the good old days in school, our jobs and its related pressures and frustrations, politics ( most of us seems be anti-BN ), social and religious issues and updates on our children especially their education. Hey !  I didn't hear anyone talking much about their wife ??  We expressed our sadness of those who had passed away and those who are now struck with illness and for the latter we wish them speedy recovery.

All of us had indeed aged but our hearts were still young.

My thanks and appreciation to Kee Kuang and Fong Fatt who had initiated this meetup. Thanks to Tuck Seng who was our photographer for the event.

My dear friends - God bless you all. Hope to meet you guys again and please keep in touch. Hope in the next meet up we can have more ex ACS'ers turn up.

In our merriment , we forgot to sing the school song :

Not so very long ago
More than hundred years or so
Horley dauntless hero came
Founded our beloved school
Ipoh Anglo-Chinese School
Though it then was new in name
But the banner then unfurled
Now it's known throughout the world
Your country can depend on you
Years we spend in your classrooms
Will help to make us brave and true
To do the right we're not afraid
And we're proud we're the students Of the ACS

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