Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Singapore " Orchard River" on 16 Jun

16 Jun 2010 : Singapore was terribly humbled when nature's fury was unleashed with heavy flash floods occuring in the city's busiest and prime business district. Orchard Road,  the prime area of the city's shopping and business centers was  "devastated" - the whole area could be renamed to Orchard River. Some local bloggers had even refer it to a flowing river of "teh tarik". It was reported to be the worst flooding ever in the country's 26 years.

Flash floods is commonly accepted in other Asian countries but in Singapore it is BIG news. I look at the photos and videos and I'd say the situation is peanuts compared to what we have seen happening in Kuala Lumpur the past few years.
But to the Singaporeans who takes pride in their country's as the region cleanest and with the best infrastructure, it was a "shocker" that such flooding can occur and worst of it all took place at the city's showpiece district. Young Singaporeans in their teens and 20's were still reeling in shock as this was something which is unheard of in their minds. I laughed when I read one asked " is this 2012 happening ? ". The city's Public Utility Board and the related drainage department will have to geared themselves for a tough time of investigation.

It was indeed " Hell hath no fury like Nature scorned".

Video with commentary from Singapore TV Razor:

Videos from local bloggers:

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