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Apple WWDC 2010 : PREDICTIONS on June 7-11

APPLE's  Worldwide Developer Conference is scheduled for June 7 -11 at the  Moscone Center in San Francisco . The event will start at 10 am PT ( June 8 , 2 am Msian time ). Apple CEO Steve Jobs will take the stage today to unveil the company's latest products

 Apple began putting up banners earlier this week and a number of photos showing the giant Apple logo on the exterior of the building, and the main WWDC10 banner inside, featuring the slogan "The center of the app universe."

The promotional materials continue to emphasize the fact that this year's conference is focused primarily on the iPhone OS, which powers the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.



Steve Jobs will probably kick off the keynote with an update on the state of sales of the  iPad and iPhone OS -  2.5 million iPads and 90 million units of the iPhone, iPod touch.  


iPhone OS 4, which Jobs previewed in April - several demos of the new features such as background audio, background location, iBooks, folders for organizing apps, VoIP calls, quick switching between apps, and possibly even the social network for games .


New Facebook integration into iPhone OS. Syncing iPhone contacts with Facebook contacts. Upload iPhone photos and video directly to Facebook. 


Apple's iAds. Steve Jobs will likely be rolling out iAds during the keynote, announcing early advertisers and app partners.


MobileMe - perhaps free "lite" access? 


New iPhone : 
Speculations abound on what Steve will be announcing in his keynote. The most obvious will be the new iPhone. The name of  the new device is probably to be called the iPhone HD. Pursuitist also notes that the device will be offered in all white and all black, although the Moscone photo appears to show the phone in a rainbow of colors. Other features include a front-facing camera with video chat and an upgrade to iChat, better battery life, a camera with higher resolution (and a flash), and advanced apps management and multitasking with iPhone OS 4.0.
One picture snapped through the windows of the building shows a banner centered around folders, a new feature in Apple's soon-to-be-released iPhone OS 4. It shows the applications Air Sharing, Bento and Evernote in an automatically named "Productivity" folder. The banner reads "Drag. Drop. Organize."

New reducing pricing for the old iPhone 3GS models

A new Magic Trackpad replacing the need for a mouse on Macs, PCs, etc
Safari 5 :
Apple will unveil Safari 5 with major new features such as Safari Reader, a 25% bump in JavaScript performance, option to make Bing the default search engine, 12+ new HTML5 features, developer tools, and hardware acceleration for Windows. There are also lot of enhancements alleged to be apart of the update.

Apple TV ,  some sort of sneak peek of what's next.

New Mac Pro and 27" Cinema Display : An introduction only probably

Update on MacOSX :
Version  10.6.4 Update which will include general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of the  Mac.

Others :
Other materials hanging from the ceiling boast the popularity of the App Store. One reads "4 Billion Apps Downloaded," while another touts there are "200,000 Apps on the App Store." And a display for Apple's iAd service coins the term "appvertise."

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