Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iPHONE iOS4 : Do you need it ?

Do you own a iPhone 3G or a 3GS model ? 
Should you upgrade and spend money buying the new model iPhone 4 ?? Unless money is not an issue, just go ahead. For most of us with limited budgets or with the  iPhones tied to a telco contract and with many more months to expire, the next best step is to upgrade your phone software. You need to have iTunes ver 9.2 installed to enable the upgrade

The table below shows what you will benefit from this upgrade :
Some users comments and reviews:

Gizmodo review : " Installing the latest iOS4 on it causes it to slow to a crawl, and that's with half of its features missing.
Judging on the performance of both my and Mark Wilson's 3Gs as well as based on anecdotal evidence on Twitter and support forums, the new iOS4 update is wreaking havoc on older iPhone 3Gs.

GottabeMobile : " If have an iPhone 3GS and you were caught in the craziness that was iPhone 4 ordering day and didn’t find yourself among the 600,000 who managed to get an order placed, I don’t think you need to feel rushed into trading up on the hardware. That’s after a quick look at iOS4, the new operating system that was released yesterday."

TUAW : Updating woes -  With the public release of iOS 4 this morning, many iPhone users have spent the past few hours dutifully syncing, backing up, and updating their devices, and then patiently waiting for the update to finish so that they could dig in and explore the new features the update brought to them. And then, there are the rest of you who have been frustratedly pulling your hair out, tweeting about failed updates and error messages galore while furiously restraining from throwing your device out of the window.

AppleInsider : Inside iOS 4: Missing features for iPhone 3G users - Apple disabled support for some features in iOS 4 to shoehorn the new release into the processing constraints and memory footprint of the 2008 iPhone 3G and second generation iPod touch. Here's what's missing and why.

MacUsers ( Singapore ) Discussion : 

My highly recommended  links ( very comprehensive and concise )  to understand the new iOS4 better :

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