Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aminurasyid : Shot to death by police

26 Apr 2010 : Our trigger happy cops has done it again !

May Aminurasyid rest in peace. Be assured all steps will be taken to prove your innocence and you did not die in vain. DAP's Karpal Singh has volunteered to be your family lawyer . Our PM Najib had promised and told both Home Minister Hisham and IGP Musa  "NO COVER UP ". I just hope Najib means it and not just a show of words and window dressing.

Till today I have yet to hear a word of regret from our IGP Musa. Is it so hard to say this ? Whether Amin is at fault or not, a simple word of regret that this has happen to such a young boy should suffice. Instead Musa remain arrogant and obviously is defending his men as innocent and just doing their job. I was aghast when he make a subsequent statements threatening to pull the cops off the street. What a irresponsible statement from the IGP. Dear Home Minister Hashim - time for this chap to go NOW - no need to wait till Sept.

I always ask myself :  if the cops has to shoot WHY always the need to shoot to kill ?? Can't they shoot to maim so that the "criminal" is disabled ? Or are our cops are only trained to shoot to kill ( 007 style ?)

Based on the press reports and the statement by Amin's friend Azamuddin , I conclude the following:

The boys did not stop the car even when chased by the police. This is wrong but was the police being threatened in any way ? The police were chasing the boy's car not the boy's car chasing them.  Was there any return gunshots fire from the boys so much so the cops need to shoot?

Shooting the car tyres is enough as the car will be immobilize .  Amin being shot in the head shows the shot made was meant to kill as the bullet enter his head causing instant death.

I find another joke when I read about the cops claim of existence of a parang in the car.  How do the cops know there is a parang and they feel threatened when all this while the boys never came out from the car. Our cops must have "xray vision" to be able see the parang in the moving car.

When Azamuddin came out from the car and ran off , the cops caught up with him and he claimed was kicked and assaulted. He showed his  injuries on his arm and back saying more than five police officers beat him up. Here 4 to 5 grown up man beating a 14 year old KID - my heart bleeds when I read this ??? If this is not police brutality , please tell me what this is. Such actions justifiable on a young teenager ?

The IGP should SUSPEND the said cops and not assigned them to desk duties.

And now to  another joke - setting up a "special panel" to probe the fatal shooting . This panel have neither investigative powers nor the power to submit recommendations to the police.
Which raises the question of what exactly can they do.  Deputy Home Minister Abu Seman Yusop who is tasked to head the panel said that they can only "monitor the police investigation into a case to make sure that it is fair and transparent to all parties". What bullshit is this !!
No inquest is necessary in this case because under the Criminal Procedure Code, an inquiry is needed only to ascertain the cause of death and who was responsible for the death. Here it is so blatantly crystal clear the victim died because of a gunshot wound and the person responsible for the killing is also already known.

This reminds me of one of the commonly quoted management jokes : Let's form a committee to study the case. And subsequently to create more sub committees to determine each factor relating to the case. At the end of the day conclude NO CASE. I view this as a  purely bureaucratic foot dragging the issue to no purpose.

The IGP is taking us all Malaysians for a ride ! As said Malaysia apa pun BOLEH !

I await full justice for the Amin and may God bless his soul.

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