Wednesday, May 12, 2010

IGP Musa press conference May 12

I saw the video of the press conference given by our IGP Musa Hassan on May 12. The video link is at :

In the beginning of the press conference,  he  was speaking very calmly and his press statements were clear and sharp to the point he was emphasizing.

But  when question time came just look at his facial expressions - anger was obvious.

First question was about the plan May 13 rally at Kuala Terengganu.  His answer was - " I tak tahu ( he repeated these twice) .. you tanya Kuala Trengganu polis….I was not informed…"

His answer is indeed puzzling . Are we sensing a miscommunication here between the Terengganu CPO and Musa. Such a large gathering must need Federal approval - the fact this rally was announced shows approval was given. Or was Musa really not informed and approval given out by his Deputy or someone in authority to approve ?? If his words were true - are we now seeing signs that Musa is now being sidelined off by his men since he has already announced his retirement this Sept. Whatever it may be - this is not good for us as he is still the IGP  and whether one likes it or not he still require respect and obedience from his men. Unless he was play acting - he did  looks truthful in answering.

Second question was about the apology requested by Aminulrasyid's family. His answer : " I don't have to answer it ... it will cause legal complications" His answer was straight and sharp to the point just like the bullet shot from his man to Amin's head. When answering this question, he display a frigid and cold look.

In my earlier blog about Amin's unnecessary death I did raised this question about apology. I still don't see what "legal implications" he is saying. Is it really so difficult to say " sorry" ???
Saying "sorry" does not necessary imply acknowledgement of guilt. He can always say something along these lines  " I am sorry this unfortunate incident had caused sadness and loss to your family  ..... I am not admitting the police is wrong here ...... we are still in process of investigation ... rest assured justice will be done ......if the policeman is wrong he will be punished accordingly......."

I am not a lawyer and my legal knowledge is as best as any layman. Will saying "sorry" be considered a technical issue when debating about responsibility in the courts ?? 

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