Friday, May 28, 2010

Mahathir's snides and homour

27 May : Dr Mahathir  said that PM Najib Abdul Razak still has a lot of work to do before considering the recent negotiations with Singapore a success.

He pointed out 3 issues - the price of water to be supplied to Singapore after 2011, the Central Provident Fund contributions for Malaysians working in Singapore and the third bridge,

Dr Mahathir : It is only fair that you give Najib some space after all he is only in his 13th month as PM . You were our PM for 22 years and was not successful in settling these 3 issues and now you expect him to be the "miracle super PM " ??

He commented on Najib's Singapore mission after delivering his keynote address at the fifth Malaysian Healthy Ageing Conference in Kuala Lumpur at PWTC .
He was also cracking jokes about his aging and his currrent behavior.  

About his criticism of others :
"I never really retired from politics, my interest in it is still there... and because we are better than others, we criticize them. That is what keeps me young......It is also very enjoyable,"

 About his writings :

"Sometimes the newspapers won't cooperate and refuse to publish what you write, well you can tell them that they must publish your article because you are doing this to try and stay young,.....I have a blog. And whatever I write will appear on the screen... even it is a bunch of nonsense,"

I found this gem on youtube when he joke about his impotence.
Mahathir : Why must "that thing" die before me ??

Humorous - His speech at BUM 09 where he talk briefly about "sex" and its widespread easy access on the internet. He quipped that as he is already 85 years old and it doesn't really matter to him as " he is now quite incapable " and he continued saying  " that thing was born with me, we grow together, play together and enjoy together but why must that thing die before me ?"

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