Monday, May 24, 2010

Zaid Ibrahim wants Hulu Selangor polls nullified

Excerpt from The Star 25 May : 
PKR’s Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is seeking a court order to declare the Hulu Selangor by-election void on grounds of alleged bribery and corrupt practices.
He wants the court to declare if such conduct is permitted in an election, adding that if the court found elements of bribery, fresh polls should be called.
In a petition filed yesterday, Zaid sought a declaration that Barisan Nasional’s P. Kamalanathan was not duly elected as Hulu Selangor MP. In the by-election held on April 25, Kamalanathan defeated Zaid by a 1,725-vote majority.
“I’m not doing this for personal reasons. I am doing this in the interest of all the political parties. Certain legal issues need to be clarified before the next general election,” Zaid said yesterday.
Dear Zaid ,

I understand your disappointment in losing the by-election. You knew it was going to be a tough and close fight but  you were still  optimistic that you will win. You felt that victory was snatched from you through the "dirty" tactics and "vote buying"  of  the BN.

You are a lawyer and I am very sure you'd study thoroughly the pros and cons before initiating this suit. You must have a certain level of confidence in winning or are you just trying to pull a stunt to get the public to be aware of the injustice done to you or are you doing this just as a matter of principle ?

This could be also a good way to build up public opinion to support your cause and expose all the money politics practiced by BN. We know that it is   a corrupt practice to entice voters with monetary promises but proving these will be difficult.  Maybe you have a hidden card in your sleeve we are not aware of .

Most layman would feel this is a futile task and the chance of you winning is as good as one trying to sell sand to Egypt. The courts are usually pro BN and  are beholden to the government - do not be surprise the case will be dismissed without going to trial  .  It'd take a brave and an independent politically non-aligned judge to give judgement in your favour.  Even so the win is only temporary as BN will appeal and history had proven BN usually wins all their appeals. Will we really get to see true justice in your case then ?

It is going to be a uphill task ahead. Still you have nothing to lose but much to gain.

I do respect your decision and I can only wish you good luck

God bless

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