Friday, May 14, 2010

HTC Desire launch 14 May at Singapore

I attended the launch of the HTC Desire on 14 May at Suntec Convention Center ( Room 325/326) Singapore

Pre-sign was required before one could attend. About 200 people attended. More than 20 sets of the pda was available at the lounge besides the conference room for attendees to test.

HTC Desire is the latest smartphone with a capacitative touch screen with customized htc Sense interface on  Android ver 2.1. This phone is very similar to Google Nexus One which is also make by HTC but marketed by Google as the next iPhone killer phone.

Specs : Qualcomm 1 GHz processor
Memory : Rom 512 MB, Ram 576 MB
Screen: Amoled 3.7" 480 x 800 WVGA
Network : HSPDA/3G : GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Detailed specs :

The event was launched by Melvin Chuah ,  Country Manager of HTC Spore. He highlighted some background development of HTC products and a condensed video version of HTC developments was shown. The video was based on the official HTC promotion video . You can view it at :

Followup presentation was by the Product Marketing Manager Wayne Tang  who elaborated on HTC Sense interface . He ended the presentation announcing availability by end May at a retail price if S$898. It is forecasted that availability in Malaysia by end June at a guess estimate price range between RM 2300 to RM2500.

 The presentation was very brief and if one had come unprepared without any knowledge of the pda will be dissatisfied.  I can see that all those who attended are mainly Windows Mobile users followed by Androiders and some iPhone users. I could sense that most of the attendees are knowledge savvy about HTC and Android platform. The highlight of the evening was a lucky draw ( 8 units HTC phones given away ) and the availability of more than 20 sets of the phones for attendees to test.

Some photos of the event :

You can read a general official  review of the phone at HTC website :

A very good independent review by Engadget :

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