Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Raja Petra Kamaruddin Speech at London on 22 May

Raja Petra Kamarudin,  now in exile gave a talk on 22 May at London about his detention experiences under the ISA and the need for greater Transparency and Accountability in Malaysian politics. The talk was hosted by the Solicitors International Human Rights Group ( SIHRG ) which addresses human rights issues in the UK and around the world.

No other blogger has been so systematically targeted for speaking out and fighting for greater democratic space, justice and a more inclusive society in Malaysia. 
For his activism, Raja Petra has been twice detained without trial under the Internal Security Act (ISA). 
He has been charged with sedition and criminal defamation for allegedly implying that the current Malaysian Prime Minister and his wife were involved in the sensational murder of a young Mongolian female translator. 
Today, RPK remains in exile, unconvinced that he will be afforded due process and justice in defending himself against these charges and in responding to the appeal regarding his ISA detention. 
In his speech ,  he then challenged the Malaysian government to bring him to trial in the United Kingdom where he felt that there was a level playing field
in his fight against charges of defamation and sedition as well as his
appeal against his detention under the ISA.

He said, "I will take on the government and I will fight them but I
will do what Sun Tzu said, 'Fight him in your territory. So my
territory is here in the UK."

His closing comment  : " I make it sound like there is no freedom of speech in Malaysia .... yes , there is freedom of speech in Malaysia ... only no freedom after speech."
 Below are the 7 part videos , each video about 5 mins :

 Part 1 : History of ISA

Part 2 : Continuing History of ISA and story of his 2 detentions

Part 3 : Detention declared illegal, Government appeal and judges selection issue

Part 4 : Judges issue in appeal  and introducing Suhakam

Part 5 : Confession and mental/physical torture under detention

Part 6 : Confession techniques , other ISA cases

Part 7: ISA in Sabah, Mahathir views on ISA

Report about his speech :

Local lawyers opinion about RPK's challenge :

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