Sunday, May 9, 2010

MyMug MacFest : 8 May @ Machines 1 Utama

8 May : Attended MyMug MacFest at Machines 1 Utama

 Shah demo the iPAD to a gang of enthusiasts

Went to the function with my wife. She being a nerd with computers and pda's was quite impressed with the presentation. I believe she'd pick up some new knowledge on these stuffs. Same time metup with bro Ian Cheong the second time - a cyber-buddy I got to know online and Jeyadev who wanted  to view my NexusOne and compared it with the iPhone.

The event started at 8 pm and ended at about 10 pm. About 25 people attended the function and 4 presentations were given

1. Ian - FileMaker Pro 11 : introduced the new features and demo an application about cars pricing/data with it

2. Azrin - introduced  4 iPhone apps : MobileMe iDisk, Mobile Gallery, Hippo Remote, RunPee and bonus demo of  Tornado

3. Shah - Aperture 3 : demo the new functions on a very old outdated Macbook. Was impressed with the software capability even on an old machine

4. Wei - iPad : The HIGHLIGHT of the evening. He shows the usage of the iPAD on several common applications. Shah followed up with another short demo on some fun apps. Overall had a better idea of the iPad functionality

Last item LUCKY DRAW - conducted by Azul and congrats to all winners ( I am not one of them but it was fun )

It was a great event and I hope to attend too any future meetups which is plan to be held bi-monthly

Thanks to Azul and team for organizing this and not forgetting too to all presenters

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