Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Musings and ramblings on Sibu by-election results

17 May @  11 pm : After a 2 hour agonizing wait especially felt by the DAP's camp from 9 pm till 11 pm,  the official announcement of the Sibu by-elections results was released :

DAP's Wong Ho Leng won by a majority of 398 votes . He polled 18,845 votes while Barisan candidate Robert Lau Hui Yew's took in 18,447 votes.

If one had been following the blogs and the news media ,  DAP's Lim KS and PR's Anwar are both ecstatic over the victory. Lim KS called it the "Sibu Miracle" while some had said the winds of change had come and  the political tsunami of Mar 8 had now hit Sibu.  DAP's Wong Ho Leng went further saying  ( rephrasing Neil Armstrong's quote on his  first step on the moon ) : "This victory is one small step in Sibu, one big step to (state administrative capital) Putrajaya, and one giant step to Putrajaya."

I feel DAP should not be too happy with the win. It is only a majority of 398 votes. Turnout was only 60 % many claiming that  it was due to  flash floods and heavy rain in the rural places. If this is so, I believe BN could have won as the rural voters are supposedly pro BN.

It is very obvious from the results the people in Sibu are equally divided between BN and DAP. DAP's Wong HL will have a tough job ahead fulfilling his promises. It will not be a easy task for DAP to retain this seat in the next General Election  as  it will be  long struggle to convince the other races especially Malays and East Malaysia natives to vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

It was reported in the tweets by PR's camp that  Muhyiddin left Sibu for KL at 9 pm. I am sure he'd have stay back if BN had won the by-election - what a sore loser.
After the loss, our PM Najib  had said "We have to use this opportunity to rise again with new spirit and strength, so that we can win back the Sibu parliamentary seat in the future" . So dear PM , just go ahead and issue the RM5 million check for flood mitigation projects in Rejang Park.
Why are you still saying "We will see first, because we have not made any decision on that,” - can't you see the signs ?? You still have 50 % support - by not releasing this cheque you will only show that you do not care about them and by so doing antagonize them . So do the right thing or you will lose Sibu  in the next General Election. You also need to consider your deputy Muhyiddin's statements the next day "Everything which was announced by the prime minister (Najib Abdul Razak) and me and any other BN leader will be fulfilled.... Some of the pledges have been fulfilled, whether they involve the Iban, Malay, Melanau, bumiputera or Chinese communities, and whether they are Muslims, Christians or of other religions. We do not differentiate....We will carry through our commitment. We do not see the by-election as an end (to the implementation of our policies)"

Reasons had been given by both sides for the win and the loss. The blaming and finger-pointing game had started in BN. DAP is still drowning in happiness over their  victory still not realizing it is slim and that they could sink. Whatever it is, the most important issue now is the people had decided and is up to DAP's and PR to show that they can be a better alternative. PR and DAP - Everyone will be watching you.

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