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Android 2.2 Froyo vs Apple iPhone 4.0

Android ver 2.2 codename Froyo was officially announced by Google on 19 May. I have summarized the launch event at . iPhone 4.0 will be launched on June 7. The iPhone details are based on the various web reviews, Apple announcements and leaks. This comparison could be useful to those undecided between the two OS.

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iPhone 4.0 vs. Android 2.2
iPhone OS 4.0
Android 2.2 Froyo
Phenomenal MultiTouch interface, great UI , unbeatable
Good Multitouch interface, good UI, decent gestures.
Yes. Looking closely, apps pause in the background, cripple multi-tasking. Apps except VoIP, Streaming, don’t execute in background, no matter what.
Full Multitasking, OS allows full background processing on demand,
kernel controls and kills apps when low on resources.
Push/Cloud Notifications
PUSH notifications, cloud notifications to trigger apps.
Apart from what iPhone does, Cloud notifications can initiate Intents (Actions) within defined applications. E.g. open a map with a specific route from PC, without touching phone.
Contacts, email, calendar, apps, music, videos Only via iTunes
Wirelessly sync Contacts, email, calendar apps, Apps settings (app
data) over 3g, Wifi. Sync
multiple devices by Automatically getting apps on new phone with same Google
Corporate/Business users
Exchange support, VPN client, email sync, Remote Wipe
Exchange support, VPN client, email sync, Remote Wipe plus Open API
(Device Admin API) for further extending the scope.
App Installation
From app Store or via USB
iTunes sync
From Marketplace or remotely from PC/Mac via Online marketplace.
Choose any Android phone (if you have multiple) and app gets installed
Music download/Sync
iTunes via USB or iTunes store on iphone.
Over the Air (OTA) transfer to phone without touching the phone from
PC or via any 3rd party stores.
Stream Music from PC to phone
Use 3rd party apps
New Official plugin (Simplified media) works with iTunes, Windows
media player and lets you stream any media onDemand right to your Android
Much bigger,
better gaming base
Small gaming base, but newer, powerful OpenGL APIs, and Dalvik VM JIT are making Android more
powerful for all the existing and future apps.
Game Social Networks
XBox Live alike social
network for iPhone gamers
Internet Browser
Safari Browser is decent on speeds
Nexus One was already faster than iPhone 3GS. OS 4.0, Android 2.2 makes Javascript run 2-4x times faster using Chrome’s V8 engine making it World’s Fastest Mobile Browser. And Froyo support Flash Player 10.1 with Multitouch
No. Of Apps
Nearly 180,000
App Updates
Individual, Update all at a time
Individual, Update all, Automatic App updates as soon as update
becomes available
App Performance
No App performance improvements in 4.0 from 3.1.3 or 3.1.x
Dalvik VM’s JIT (Just in time compiler) is now enabled, all existing apps (which already run fast vs iPhone ) would run 2x – 4x times faster than Android 2.1
App Feedback/Crash Reports
Users can rate the Apps and judge based on that
Users can see Ratings, Failures, Crashes and Complete Java StackTrace of failures
Bluetooth + USB. Wifi only on Jailbroken devices
USB + Wifi out of the box. No word on bluetooth
Turn by turn Navigation
Good apps available, but not for free
Google Maps Navigation is the most superior navigation app, yet, free
eBook reading
Superior iBooks + Kindle reader
Inferior 3rd party apps, Kindle coming soon.
UI customizations: Widgets, Skins, themes
Only wallpapers
Everything: Themes, Widgets, Skins, Multi-Screen Wallpapers
Hardware access from Browser
GPS location via GeoLocation API
Upcoming access to magnetometer, accelerometer, GPS, Camera,
microphone and more
Integrated Search
Search email, sms, app names instantly
Google search, apps, search within apps (when supported by app)
Decent Notification manager, can get annoying.
Notifications hide smartly and are easily accessible when needed.

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