Tuesday, May 11, 2010

MAY 13 : Do we need a reminder of this day ?

MAY 13 1969 : It was a day all Malaysians will never forget  when  racial riots broke up in KL. Do we need a reminder of this uneventful day ?

Fast forward to May 13 2010 : We now hear of a mass rally plan to be held at Kuala Terengganu entitled “Melayu Bangkit” (Malays Rise),  the purpose being to unite Malays and instill an awareness of their rights as Malays. So PERKASA last event about Malay Rights is insufficient for the NGO to prove their point ?

And to purposely hold it on May 13 is most insensitive, outrageous and unhealthy and I view it as a stirring up of  a racial hornet's nest.

This  May 13 rally is  organised by Gerakan Kebangkitan Rakyat (Gertak) along with a government agency, the Terengganu Integrity Institute and they expect a participation of 10,000 people and the involvement of about 45 Malay groups in the rally.

And our dear old ex PM Dr Mahathir  is scheduled to give the keynote address . Dear Dr Mahathir - again why you wish to get yourself involved .   Still feeling  lonely  and hopelessness of power loss after retirement ?? You have already booted out Badawi - is this  another attempt of yours to boot out Najib too ??  Your approval of this rally goes against his Najib  1Malaysia concept.

Both PAS leadership and MCA's Dr Chua Soi Lek have come out condemning this rally - it is a unnecessary reminder of a ghost of the past. So far both Gerakan and MIC are  silent  or they prefer to   " see not , hear not , talk not"  ???

Gertak's president is Razali Idris who is also Umno's Marang division deputy chairman. So is UMNO involved in this too ? Your guess is as good as mine.

Dear Najib : Please exert your authority and cancel this event before it is too late
Your 1Malaysia is being put to test

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